Young farmer

A young Rabbit farmer

The BEST definition for Sustainability is –the ability to continue a defined behaviour indefinitely.Rabbit rearing for meat and its byproducts is environmentally, economically and socially sustainable.

>Rabbits are efficient in space utilization hence ideal for both rural and urban environment. As population increases and land becomes scarce, Rabbit farming has presented itself as the most reliable and efficient  source of food for the future generation.

>Rabbits are light feeders and thus cheap to maintain.

>Rabbit meat is of high nutritional value- the BEST White meat known to man.With emerging health concerns, Rabbit meat is definitely the commodity of choice.

The consumption of rabbit meat both locally and abroad is on the rise and with it comes the demand for more rabbits. With every new generation born, the demand will be even higher.

The challenge still remains, supplying rabbits to RABAK! Do you have rabbits for slaughter? Contact Us


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