Success Stories

RABAK has succeeded in community attitude change towards rearing & consumption of Rabbit meat through massive campaigns in National fairs/ ASK shows and Field days. Many farmers have since embraced commercial rabbit farming.

Farmers attending rabbit exhibition in Thika Stadium

Farmers attending rabbit exhibition in Thika Stadium

Consumption of Rabbit meat is on the rise and demand for rabbit meat has  currently surpassed the supply.

Rabbit meat

Healthy Low Cholesterol grilled rabbit meat

Rabbit meat is the Best  white meat known to man!

Livestock officers launching rabbit meat eating

Livestock officers launching rabbit meat eating

RABAK is currently supplying Rabbit meat to Uchumi Supermarkets chain and increasing Rabbit meat distribution chain to other outlets. RABAK Rabbit Meat  BRAND has been Certified by KEBS and registered with GSI. A slaughter house that meets Local and International Standards  has been constructed in Thika by the government. Tens of farmers have been trained on Value Addition in Sausage & Meat Loaf processing at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology(JKUAT). RABAK is also working with other stakeholders on skins value addition which will translate into more money in the pocket for the Rabbit farmer.

jkuatvalue addition

Farmers training on Value Addition in Sausage & Meat Loaf processing at JKUAT.

img004 There has been consistent RABAK members meetings every 3rd Thursday of the month.


Members monthly meeting

RABAK is the best place to be for all information  relating to Rabbit Rearing in Kenya.  “Think Rabbit Farming,Think RABAK” Please call or  pay a visit at our Thika Offices.


Hon. Njaramba (Minister of Agriculture -Mombasa County) at RABAK Offices.


Visitors from India at RABAK Offices

Governor's Visit

Laikipia Governor, Hon. Joshua Irungu(Left side) & former RABAK Chairman, Mr. Waiganjo(Right side) pose for a photo at RABAK Training Farm at KARI THIKA.



RABAK Abbatoir NOW Operational!


Licenced to Process 2000 Rabbits per day


Rabbits being inspected after delivery by farmers


Stunning rabbits before slaughter


Slaughter & Carcass dressing


Chilling the meat

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